Art Director,
Designer & Strategy Guy

Here's the situation I love:
A client shares a thought, a single idea, a barely formed vision. I take that idea and interpret. Sketch. Build. Grab onto a slightly different variation. Sketch some more. Mold and shape and modify as the need arises.

In the end:
It's not just an idea anymore. It's a vision brought to life, a design created to define a concept, build a brand or communicate a purpose.

And that's what I do:
Give creative life to client visions.

How about we talk about yours?

About Me

Who's got skills? Well, I do. If it's made by Adobe runs on a Mac or even a PC, I got it covered. HTML, CSS and XHTML? No worries. I can work with those as well. I love designing, strategizing, getting my hands dirty while drawing and staying current with the latest trends and gadgets.

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